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Maryam is a powerful program for writing Farsi in graphics editing programs
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Maryam is a very handy collection of tools for people who work with graphics editing programs specially Middle-Eastern editions of Adobe collection (e.g : Photoshop, Illustrator, ...)
Maryam consists of these programs:
1. Maryam:
A Wordpad similar program with extra features such as creative new merging styles and perfect Unicode converting abilities for some other Persian typing tools.
Maryam is not a program for digital calligraphy, but due to some cool fonts it can be used in that way too. Although the developer has released another program called Miremad for creating nice calligraphic arts.

2. Direct Type:
After activating this cute program, user may type directly in supported programs.

3. MirrorType:
Similar to above tool, but with powerful paragraphing abilities.

4. ExpressType:
After hitting the shortcut, a light version of Maryam opens and user may use the standard output.

5.Khattat: (Calligrapher)
Can be used to create calligraphic arts with ability to export.

6.Keyboard Editor
A simple keyboard editor for customizing the arrangement of keys.

Maryam ships with a huge (more than 400) collection of edited fonts, either created by Maryamsoft or other creators.

Mehran Hellion
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  • Simplicity
  • Low price
  • A huge collection of bundled fonts
  • Perfect support


  • Demo version is not available
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